How to: Host a wine party with great prizes!

Here’s a fun idea for a wine party and this game has great prizes!



You don’t have to be an expert to host a wine tasting. Invite your guests to a fun wine party they will love!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide on a price range for the wine to keep it fair (ex. $15 – $20 a bottle). You can also decide on a theme. Keep it all one variety (like Shiraz or Cabernet), just reds, only whites, or (if you’re celebrating something special) make it a champagne tasting party!
  2. Each guest brings two bottles of the same wine.
  3. When your guests arrive, use a marker to write their name on one of the bottles. That bottle is for tasting. The second is put to the side as a prize.
  4. Remove the foil and corks from the top of the wines for tasting.
  5. Place each bottle in a paper bag making sure that anything identifiable is covered.
  6. Mark each bag with a number.
  7. Everyone tastes each wine, rates them, and writes down notes (download our free tasting notes sheet below).
  8. When tasting is done, everyone decides their top 3 wines.
  9. Score the wines using points: #1 gets 3 points, #2 gets 2 points, #3 gets 1 point
  10. The person who brought the wine that gets the most points wins 1st prize. The second most points gets 2nd prize and third gets the 3rd prize.


You can divide the prizes however you like depending on how many bottles you have.

With 12 bottles for example:
1st prize = 6 bottles
2nd prize = 4 bottles
3rd prize = 2 bottles

You could also do a winner takes all prize.

Some tips / things to remember:

  • Make sure you have enough pens
  • Make sure you have a wine glass for each guest
  • Have a light cocktail (like sangria or champagne punch) to serve while your guests are waiting for everyone to arrive.
  • Tell everyone to arrive on time or wait till everyone has arrived to start. Otherwise, if someone is late, their wine will be easily recognizable.
  • Space out the bagged bottles in the room you are hosting the party. Create mini tasting stations to create a nice flow and so everyone isn’t crowded into one area.
  • You can serve appetizers but you’ll also want bread for cleansing your palate between tastings.
  • Remember to read the wine notes at the end. It’s usually very funny. Especially when you and your friends aren’t wine experts.

We’ve put together a wine tasting notes sheet for you to download free:


This sheet works perfect for this game!

TIP: If you have more then 12 bottles: Give each guest 2 tasting note cards and label them A and B. The wines would then be numbered 1A – 12A and 1B – 12B



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