Smart Wine Bottle – Keeps Wine Fresh

Check this out! This new techy smart bottle keeps wine fresh for 30 days. No more disputes about opening a bottle of red or white… you can open both! Enjoy wine by the glass at home without worrying about waste.




It definitely piqued my interest when I came across a description of the new smart bottle from Kuvée, but I had to watch the video to actually understand how it works:




It seems like a great concept and I would love to try it. Using the smart sleeve, you can view how much is left in each bottle, detailed information about the wine, and even purchase more wine. I LOVE buying new wine gadgets & it this one looks like it’s fun to play with. As awesome as it seems, I think the novelty might wear off and I really don’t have a lot of trouble with open wine bottles going to waste lol! So, I’m not quite sure this is a good product for me. It would probably make a great gift for the wine lover who has everything though.


The Kuvée website says they sell wine at the MSRP, but another website that reviewed this product pointed out that it increases the cost of each wine by about $10 a bottle. For expensive wines, a $10 increase isn’t a lot. If you’re buying a bottle that’s only $15 (or less), that’s a pretty big markup. You’ll also want to consider the initial cost of the smart sleeve. I don’t mind spending money on good wine, but the cost seems a bit high. I could use that extra money for more wine!


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