National Drink Wine Day – 4 Amazing Facts

4 Amazing Facts about wine that will make you want to celebrate National Drink Wine Day!


1. Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat

While beer makes that unaesthetic beer belly, wine does not affect your waistline at all. In fact recent studies showed that “women who routinely drank moderate amounts of alcohol, totaling about one drink per day, carried almost 10 pounds less body fat than women who did not drink at all”. Experts believe that the calories in alcohol are not metabolized in the same way as calories from carbohydrates, fats or protein. So if you are about to start a diet to lose weight, then you should consider having a glass of wine instead of chocolate pudding for dessert.

2. Red wine improves your health

Red wines contain many beneficial antioxidants such as polyphenol and resveratrol that have cardio-protective effects and anti-cancer properties. Grape skin is especially rich in antioxidants. Since red wine is fermented together with its skin, it has more antioxidants than white wine which is processed without its skin.

3. There are folks that are afraid of wine

Amazingly, there are people around the world who hate wine! There’s even a name for it, it is called “oenophobia”. How is this good news? It means more for us!

4. Drinking wine can improve your sex life

This is perhaps one of the most amazing and interesting facts about wine. When drunk regularly it can actually help you boost your sex drive. An Italian study showed that women who have 2 glasses of wine daily, enjoy physical pleasure much more intensely than women who don’t drink wine at all.



So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start drinking!






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